Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Getting More than Just Numbers from Your Web Analytics

Getting More than Just Numbers from Your Web Analytics

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Click through for 14 ways you can make your Web analytics more actionable from Kishore Babu Nandanamudi, a lead business consultant at Virtusa.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Business Performance Management, Data Analysis, Web Traffic Analysis

Web analytics has established itself as a major topic for discussion when planning for a Web application and building a business case. Before, Web analytics was often something added onto applications as an afterthought. Today, it is regarded with much higher priority and considered to be a powerful tool that can provide a number of business benefits. Businesses looking to better understand user behavior and application usage can utilize Web analytic tools to collect, analyze, measure and report on Internet data. However, it is important that businesses have planned for and understand Web analytics in order to take full advantage of the benefits it provides.

Based on his experience with business development, business analysis, requirement management and of course Web analytics, Kishore Babu Nandanamudi, the lead business consultant at Virtusa outlines 14 ways to make Web analytics more actionable and achieve the associated business benefits.